DIY Halloween Wolf Mask

Happy Halloween 2015! Since I enjoyed making a cat mask last year, I thought I’d try to make another cool, colorful, tribal mask this year. I changed it up this time and made a wolf mask. (It could also be a fox or a dog.) I started from the same blank cat mask from Artists & Craftsman Supply, but I also added some paper mache elements (or papier-mâché to be fancy) to create a wolf face. Here’s some photos of my process below.

I took a few notes from artist Jonni Good at Ultimate Paper Mache. Following her projects gave me the confidence I needed to just go for it! I added a snout and pointier ears with foil and some masking tape. Then, I stirred up some flour and water (I just eyeballed the consistency) for some paper mache glue. I was really surprised and pleased that paper mache is so fast and easy!

After the paper mache, I went about adding construction paper tribal patterns all over the mask like before. Hooray for another fun mask project! Happy Halloween!

paper mache foil sculpting wolf mask

dried paper mache wolf mask

construction paper wolf mask process

tribal pattern wolf mask