This year I decided to do the popular Inktober drawing challenge going around social media. I found out about it at the last minute on Instagram and I was worried that I was jumping into something that I wouldn’t be able to complete. An ink drawing for every day of October based on the official word prompts from Jake Parker… That’s 31 days, 31 drawings! Quite the challenge for me because I’m inexperienced with ink mediums and I can just never keep up with posting thing routinely on social media. But I made it through the month and kept up with every day! Even when my drawing for the day was less than stellar, I kept going and now I can look back proudly at all the sketches I made. I proved to myself that I am capable of drawing with ink and I am also capable of producing art every day 🙂 Here are my 31 drawings for Inktober (with one re-do):