Sailor Moon by Harmony Gong

I was browsing around on Instagram and came across Thumbprint Gallery (@thumbprintgallery), a local low-brow art gallery located in La Jolla. They were promoting an Anime Fan Art Show and inviting artists to participate. I thought there must’ve been some kind of news lag since there were only 5 days left before the show – surely they had all the artist spots filled. But on a whim, I decided to just email them and see what was up. Maybe I could get some info on the next show or at least get a new gallery to notice me. 😉

The gallery quickly emailed me back with details on bringing art and some terms of agreement. So I just decided to go for it! I wanted to make a couple pieces, but ended up only having time to finish one in the short time before the show. Since it was just a one night show, artists were instructed to bring their works the day of the show. Then, the art would be displayed for the evening and anything that doesn’t sell gets picked up at midnight. Quick and easy!

I didn’t stay for the show, but I saw a few fun pieces that were also submitted when I dropped off my work. When I went to pick up my piece at the end of the night, I found out that it had been sold. 🙂 I think I would do another quick Thumbprint show in the future… but maybe only if I found out about it in enough time. 😉