Hi everyone (or whoever happens to be reading this out there). I just wanted to give a little life update to those that are interested in following my art journey. This is the first life update I’ve ever written, but I thought that the new things coming up are big enough to be interesting to at least a few friends and family.

1. We’re moving! My husband Henry and I are moving away from our wonderful city of San Diego to the small town of Morro Bay (my hometown). While we absolutely love living in San Diego and we’d love to stay, the lure of saving money by moving into my Mom’s old house, the potential for expanding both of our art studio spaces, and the chance to visit both sides of our family more often just seems to be the logical next step in our careers and our lives. I am full of anxiety about this big change, but I suppose change like this is always kind of scary – fear of the unknown.?

2. I’m opening my first web shop on October 1st (tomorrow)! It’s been a long time coming and I’m nervous about all the logistics, but I’m finally taking the leap and offering my art for sale online! I wanted to start it in correspondence with Inktober since I’ll mainly be offering my 2017 Inktober booklet for sale to begin with. I’ll also have a few left over prints from Comic Con for sale with more items and goodies coming in November. I’m super hoping that everyone will find the shopping process pleasant and also enjoy the quality of the prints and shipments. Wish me luck! ?

3. I’m going to Japan!!! Travelling to Japan has been one of my very top life goals and I’m so excited that it will finally come true in December! This trip will also be amazing because I’ll be able to mix a bit of business with vacation. My cousin is involved with Siggraph Asia and he invited me on this epic group trip to experience Japan along with the Siggraph convention. I’m super excited to meet lots of other creative people and enjoy everything in Japanese culture! My only regret will be that I won’t be able to experience all of this with Henry ? – unfortunately, he can’t make it this time, but that just means that I must plan a second visit to Japan with him! Also, I am inspired to make a sketchbook like Audra Auclair’s Masayume book, so hopefully I too can make a book of my Japan sketches! It’s all just going to be so unbelievably amazing!

Thanks to anyone who has read this far or has had any interest in following my art. You all truly motivate me to keep challenging myself and make more and more progress toward my art life goals! ???