SDCC Art Heros!

↑ Row buddies! Jeff Carlisle, Ken Mitchroney and me. These guys made the best neighbors – so much positive energy and encouragement!

↑ We were able to commission a couple of original drawings from Ken Mitchroney! Click the slider to see the drawings – one drawing for my father-in-law who is an old school Rat Fink fan and one drawing of Donatello for our own collection. 🙂

↑ Awesome artist and writer, Katie Cook!! She asked me to draw her fictional children Declan and Callie from her comic Nothing Special. Such an honor to connect with her!

↑ Art trades with Carla Wyzgala! She is so nice and she draws such lovely ladies! So inspirational! Yay for making new art friends ?

↑ Master Kim Jung Gi!!! He’s a genius and I’m just super lucky to have his art book (with his original sketch in it!) and even take picture with him! (p.s. Thanks to the kind friend who took several pictures of me and Kim Jung Gi in order to crop out the funny mustached man behind us.?)

↑ I also scored this amazing poster from Jeff Carlisle titled “Another Night at the Warp Core Cafe.” This illustration has evvvveryyybody! It’s like a Where’s Waldo for Sci-fi characters and icons. All those tiny details are incredible and so fun to look at!

My Wacom/Clip Studio Paint Demo!

↑ My live drawing demo at the Wacom/Clip Studio/Graphixly booth!

SDCC 2018

Awesome Cosplay!