FanX recap! My haul, art trades, new art friends, and cosplayers. I had a lot of fun meeting new people, seeing old friends, and making new friends! Despite my anxieties, I’m proud that I put myself out there and gained some experience points. ? Thank you to everyone that came by my table and thank you to everyone that made me feel welcome! You all are awesome!! Thanks for the all motivational feels!! ??✨

This is the first convention I’ve ever done that’s outside of California! Actually, this is only the 4th convention I’ve ever done. It’s very exciting and I’m really enjoying this new chapter in my life. Salt Lake City was a very nice city despite the crazy weather. It was hot in the 90’s, then suddenly rainy, and then hot again, but a dry sort of heat. The downtown area was lovely and clean – I even got a chance to get a beautiful nightime view of the whole city from Ensign Peak on my last night there. Everyone was so friendly and I’m really glad to have made new friends. I’m not sure if I’ll get to come back again, but I’m happy to have the wonderful memories! 🙂

Fun cosplayers that came by my table 🙂

Yay for cool artist alley neighbors! I got to do an art trade with Steven Crowe with a bonus sketch from his friend Joey Lee Cabral! It was great meeting you! You both are so talented – I love the sketches you made for me! Thanks so much for sharing and being so supportive! @crowestoons @joeyleecabral

I got to meet the amazing, Haylee Morice! I had a great time chatting with her about Japan and oogling her dreamy pink Japanese-themed art. Her art makes me want to visit Japan again! Yay for art trades! I’m so glad I discovered you and hope to meet you again in the future!! @hayleemorice

I’m pretty sure I just snuck into this group picture of artist superstars! Lol! Thank you all for being so friendly and kind to a newbie like me! I’m so happy to have met all of you and I’m thankful you let me pick your brains about convention artist life. Hope I get to chat and draw with you all again soon!

@hemlockvale – So glad to have met you! Your art is amazing and you are the nicest! Thank you for introducing me to your amazing family of convention artists. 🙂
@vonnart – Thank you for being so gracious and welcoming! It was an honor to meet you! Thank you for the Blind Confidence print – I will treasure it!
@puillustrated – Thank you for also being so welcoming and supportive! I’m so grateful for your wealth of information and inspiration!
@artofprice – Happy to meet you! Thank you for being so patient and helpful with my tsunami of questions!
@milatwebb – I had so much fun chatting and laughing with you! Hope to see you again!
@monster.monarch – Nice to meet you! Thank you for the horsey monster art card! Thank you for showing me your glow-in-the-dark art techniques!
@shawnerussell – Lovely meeting you! Hope we’ll get to talk more in the future!
@missupacey & @lyfeillustration – I’m so jazzed to have met you both! I’m kicking myself for not making it back to buy something from both of you. But I will make a point to see you again in the future!
@babswebb – Nice to meet you! Your art is hauntingly beautiful!
@ariafawnart – Nice to meet you, too! Your art is magical!
@schmandrewart – I hope to talk to you in the future! Love your bright colors! – Your tragic girls are funny and cool!
@reaching_for_divine – It was really cool to see you sketching irl!
@priscillakimart – Great meeting you! Thank you for sharing booth lighting tips and yummy rice crackers with me!
@artistabe – Fun chatting with you again! Thanks for all the convention tips!
@thejettyjetshow – So glad to discover you! Thanks for chatting with me! I’m about to marathon your YT videos.
@pocketpandas – Glad to commiserate with you about the ceiling crud falling down on us. Lol.