SDCC this year was a crazy rollercoaster of a time! Months ago (November of 2018), I got an email that my Artist Alley application for 2019 was put on the waitlist. I was disappointed by still really hopeful, especially after talking with Dan MacIssaac about his previous waitlist experiences at SDCC. My husband still encouraged me to prepare like I did have a table in case they call me at the last minute. Admittedly, I only got about 80% prepared as my hope slowly dropped as the months/days went by.

I emailed the people who run Exhibits at SDCC during the beginning of July just to bug them about any open spots. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any openings, but they did tell me about an “on-site no-show list” that I could put my name on at the convention. So I did that on Wednesday morning and they told me that I was #3 on their list (but that there could also be another list that they would add my name to later?) On Thursday, I had pretty much lost all hope on getting a table now that the convention had officially begun. So we walked around artist alley, talked with a few people, tried to make plans to get into Hall H, then went out to lunch with some friends. As lunch was ending I saw that I just missed a call from a 619 number. I checked the voicemail and it was Rodney from SDCC saying there was an open table that they would give to me! I freaked out, called him back, confirmed his message, and then announced to my lunch friends that “THEY’RE GONNA GIVE ME A TABLE!” WOO!! ??

I rushed over to the exhibits registration area and talked with Rodney. A seller’s permit is a required before setting up a table, so I tried to complete the form on my phone. I spent like 30 minutes trying to figure it out – all the while my heart is rapidly sinking as the website gave me error after error, and the exhibits people were calling other artists to fill spots. I was so worried they were going to say, “Nevermind! You took too long and we’re giving your spot to someone that is more prepared!” ? Rodney was very patient with me during that whole time, and allowed me to take a hour to leave and finish the permit from a computer. At this point, I felt like I was giving up and letting this crazy opportunity slip away because of some stupidly simple website issue. ? Before I could walk too far away, I found a phone number on the website, called them up, and got tech support to help me figure it all out. Whew! Thank God! (FYI, here’s the link to the permit form: – click “Register a New Business Activity”)

Long story short, I finished registration for the table, switched my Professional badge for an Exhibitor badge, ran home got all my stuff, ran back, set it up, and celebrated at my table for the last hour on Thursday. ???

I’m so happy that I got a chance to see so many people! New friends, old friends, art friends, supportive friends… Thank you to all the kind people that complimented my art as they were walking by and also to the nice people that were interested in working with me. Thank you for new and returning friends that like my art enough to buy originals or order commissions. Thank you to all the kids and parents that stopped to ask me for art advice. You all make me feel like I’m inspiring others with my art and that’s the best thing I could ever hope for! My thanks to everyone who made SDCC 2019 so wonderful for me! My little heart glows warm with all your love and support! ???

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My #SDCC haul this year ✨ I didn't get a chance to leave my table and shop around much this year, but we managed to pick up a few things here and there as we were walking in. Plus, several very nice people stopped by my table and gave me things! Like business cards and stickers and even art supplies!! Thank you to everyone that came by – I'm so happy to make new art friends! . . . @ampopplewell – You're the coolest! I had so much fun sitting next to you!! I hope we can do it again next year! Yay for new art friends!! @jeffcarlisleart – Yay for my SDCC mentor! So glad we reconnected this year! Thank you so much for the final version of the warp core cafe print!! @minomiyabi – It was so nice to meet you and trade art! @darksunrose – My love for your art continues! @chinfongart – It was so nice to meet you! Hope you had an awesome first con! @holbeinartistmaterials – thank you soo much for the unexpected gouache, watercolors, and ink!! I'm bummed I didn't make it to your booth to get the deal on those amazing glitter acrylics. @zbrushatpixologic @camilladerrico – always inspirational @graphixly – nice to connect with you again! @leannehuynh – your art is aaaamazing!! @greytooth_cosplay – thank you so much for the glitter ball necklace! @texasamuniversity – I forgot to catch your name, but thanks so much for sharing a neat bandana with me! @theonewithbear @voxvulpi – thanks for the stickers! @urbanaztec Koi Watercolors Dee Hustle Angela Amoranto – thank you for the sticker sheet! Hamletmania – nice talking with you! Laina & Jimmy – Thank you for the tasty jerky! . . . #sdcchaul #haul #comicconhaul #comiccon2019 #sdcc2019 #thankyou

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Special thanks to all these great people and inspirational artists!

↑ My cheer squad! #gonggang Love these girls! I was out to lunch with them when I got the message that a table had opened up. When I told them I was going to get a table, they all cheered in unison! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate! <3 @incitrio

↑ Special thanks to Rodney for ‘putting me on the floor!’ Rodney was the one to call me and let me know that there was an open Artist Alley table that he could assign to me. My heart nearly sank to my shoes when I couldn’t get my seller’s permit together at the last minute, but Rodney was really patient and kind to me while I eventually figured it all out. *Note to self: Just get a permit beforehand, even if you’re on the waitlist!* Thanks again, Rodney, for your patience and acceptance! It was fun talking with you about Morro Bay and sights around the central coast!

↑ Eeee! It’s Carla Wyzgala!! She is just the nicest person – not only does she remember me amongst her zillions of fans, but she’s so friendly and easy to talk to. I just love her beautiful watercolor pin-ups! She’s definitely one of my role models for art career success! So happy to connect with you again! Hope to see you at more conventions soon!

↑ Awesome artist and table neighbor, Ashleigh Popplewell!! I’m so happy to have met Ashleigh and to have the opportunity to sit next to her during Comic Con. She’s a veteran in the Artist Alley and she was so warm and welcoming towards me! So fun, positive, generous with knowledge and helpful with supplies – plus she has the best laugh!! Thank you for being the icing on my Comic Con cake. ? I’m so happy to have met you! ??

↑ Special thanks to Dan MacIsaac for all his support during the months and days leading up to Comic Con. Last year, Dan had filled the empty table next to me, so I had a boat-load of questions to ask him about that whole process. We commiserated about our waitlisted status and he generously offered lots of info/advice on his previous waitlist experience. He really helped keep my hopes alive! Thank you so much again for all your help, Dan!

↑ (I forgot to take a picture with Henry Liao, so this one is from his IG!) Come talk to Henry for the realness! haha! Every time I talk with him about art/convention/advice/recommendations, he always give his down-to-earth honest opinions and perspectives and I really appreciate that! I chatted with him before I knew I had a table and after I found out, I was so excited that I shouted “I GOT A TABLE!” at him from a crosswalk. Lol! ? Thanks for being cool with my crazy energy!

↑ Henry and I are so happy to have reconnected with Jeff Carlisle this year! I’m forever grateful for his industry knowledge and career guidance. It’s always fun and educational to chat with him about art projects, regional accents, and a potpourri of various things. Plus, Herbert Squatch! Thanks for stopping by my table and visiting us!

↑ It’s my friend, Katherine Brannock! She continues to be an inspiration to me as she makes leaps and strides in her artistic career. Currently, she’s getting ready to go to China to oversee the animation of her story, Someday Mouse. So cool! I’m so happy to catch up with you again and I’m wishing you all the best success!

↑ Check out new art friend, Chin Fong! I can’t believe this was his first time tabling at SDCC. Just look at his table setup!! Those lighted displays! ? Not to mention is art is a-maz-ing! All around totally inspirational. So glad to have met you!

Fun Stuff!

↑ “Summer is coming”