Amazing People That Bought Some of My Original Art!

Thank you so much for enjoying my art! It was so wonderful to chat with some of you again and also meet new friends. I might have missed getting a picture with everyone who bought an original, but I really appreciate each and every one of you!

Wondercon Masquerade

We always love watching the masquerade at Wondercon! Here are a few of my favorite costumes from the show.


Sailor Moon Musical

Muses from Hercules

Perler-Beaded 8bit Warrior

Awesome Cosplay

More awesome cosplayers that walked by my table!

Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle

Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke

Princess Serenity

Human Diana

Dolores from WestWorld

Sailor Jupiter

Cardcaptor Sakura & Magus Bride

Cardcaptor Sakura

Prepping for Wondercon

Signing and numbering all the prints.

I’ll be adding more Wondercon updates and features to this post so please check back again soon!

I’ve been hard at work prepping for Wondercon! I’ve been making new art and getting new things printed so that my second Artist Alley table will be even better than the last one. ?

Dress rehearsal for my table setup!

Not gonna lie – it’s been pretty stressful trying to research and work with different printers. I really wish there was a one-stop-shop for everything I want – fine art printing, book printing, stickers, holo foiling, printing on clothing, charms, pins, etc. ? I was definitely in panic mode a couple weeks ago trying to get everything done and sent off. I had originally planned to have all my items in hand at the beginning of March so I would be super prepared and ahead of schedule. But now it’s the 19th and I’m still waiting for all my products to come in the mail. ? The anxiety is building! Note to self: Next time, start sooner than 3 months ahead so there’s more time for the proofing/review process in addition to shipping transit times!