My 2018 Japan Adventure!

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I went to Japan in early December for the very first time! It was the most amazing and magical place!

I went with a couple of my cousins, their friends, and a some people involved with Siggraph Asia. Unfortunately, Henry wasn’t able to go with me because of family hardship, but I hope to make another trip with him some day.

I was only there for a week and it really all seems like just a dream. We went to Osaka, Kyoto, Atami, and Tokyo.

I experienced my very first onsen (I actually liked it despite having extreme nudity anxiety).

I ate okonomiyaki for the first time (it was delicious and fun to make even though the room was also really hot).

I ate the #1 most delicious soft serve ice cream cone of my life (Cremia – you spoiled me!).

I saw beautiful temples and shrines, mind-blowing digital art exhibits, experienced the heartwarming and inspirational Ghibli museum, ate the most delicious food (ramen, curry, soba, and everything from the conbini!!) and I scored some of the best shopping ever!

I touched the other side of the Pacific Ocean, listened to rain and thunder storms, and admired the red leaves of the Japanese Maple trees. I got a hanko stamp made just for me, I geeked-out over all the anime merch, I walked and walked until my feet were dying, and even became confident enough to venture out on my own for the last morning.

Ahh, I can’t believe I was really there! I MUST return and explore more of the wonders of Japan!
Nihon ga daisuki desu! <3

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