Watercolor Peony Flower Card

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Even though I’ve been busy with work lately, I’ve managed to make time for a little art. Henry’s been painting a mural for an art show (opening tomorrow night!), so we’ve been making lots of trips over to the gallery so he can work on it. It’s been fun and refreshing for me to tag along and just make this into a dedicated time for art. And of course, it’s been great to see the progress of the mural in real-time. While he’s been painting, I’ve been sketching blooming flowers with magenta watercolor. My friend Flo even took a little video of me painting. You can check out those vids below as well as her gallery/salon called Pikku. “Intimacy: A Group Art Show” is happening tomorrow night February 27th @ 7pm @ 2323 Broadway, San Diego, 92012. See you there!

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